Insurance Safety Tips
What are Safety Tips?

Lancaster Mutual Insurance Company knows that we live in a society that is different from the ‘good old days.’  While these days are still good, they present a different degree of risk with an increased litigious activity, severe weather patterns, cybersecurity, and fraud.   There are frequent times when it is recommended to consider precautions to protect your family, home, and financial interests.   Our safety tips are designed to encourage members to consider their level of protection and to contact their knowledgeable agent to discuss options.

Protecting your Home

Spring and summer months bring wonderful moments and memories outside with family and friends.  From hosting BBQ’s to installing a new pool, it could be the right time to review the level of coverage on your insurance policy.   

Help protect your outside property by properly securing and storing your grill and outside furniture when a severe thunderstorm or windstorm is approaching. 

During the hot summer days, everyone wants to cool off in the pool.  If you are considering adding a pool, it’s recommended that a fence around pool area with a locking gate (or ladder, if above-ground) be installed to deter non-supervised visitors from gaining access to the oasis that is in your backyard.   Many townships also have requirements when installing a pool, so be sure to check in with them as well.

Protecting your Business

Businesses of all kinds face potential dangers on a daily basis. Liability risks, property risks, business interruption risks, and even now cyber risks, can all pose a threat to both the safety of your employees/customers, and to your bottom line itself.

The good news is that there are preventative measures that you can take for each one of these scenarios. By abiding by standardized safety procedures, such as those published by OSHA, you can minimize the chances of physical harm. You also can make sure that you are well acquainted with the physical location of your business, and insure against likely weather phenomena, such as flooding or wind damage, if they are common. By putting effort into your cyber security, with preventative firewalls, updated software, multifactor authentication, use of a VPN, and other common practices, you can defend yourself against online attackers.

By putting the safety of your customers, employees, property, and business first, you are also protecting yourself. 

Protecting your Farm

Do you live on a farm with an expanded business operation?   Our agents can help you determine the right type of coverage options needed for a roadside vegetable stand or a larger-sized produce and ice cream store.   

Do you operate a bed & breakfast out of your farm?   Increasing your liability and taking an inventory of your contents would help to protect your financial interests in the event someone fell on your property or an instance of theft.

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